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 Everlast - Boxing Glove / Elite Pro Style / White

arrow Everlast - Boxing Glove / Elite Pro Style / White / 10 oz
Everlast - Boxing Glove / Elite Pro Style / White / 10 oz Everlast - Boxing Glove / Elite Pro Style / White / 10 oz Everlast - Boxing Glove / Elite Pro Style / White / 10 oz
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Article Description
The Elite Pro Style Training Gloves from Everlast are particularly suitable for training bag, mitt-training and sparring. They are made from high-quality PU synthetic leather and are filled with an absorbing foam, which was anatomically shaped for perfect fit. Furthermore, the training glove is breathable and durable.

- From premium synthetic leather and with new, first-class design
- Palm completely from mesh material for breathability and comfort
- Antimicrobial treated against odors and bacteria
- Improved curved anatomical fit
- Ideal for sparring, sandbag and mitts workouts
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Selecting Boxing Gloves
When choosing a pair of boxing gloves, consider several criteria. Gloves should be selected for their quality and for the individual desires of the wearer.


Gloves are always - regardless of use - padded and cover the whole hand. Usually they have forward-curved fingers and a fixed thumb. The curvature permits a better punch placement and also prevents serious injuries during peak usage. On the back are either laces which close by eyelets or a velcro closure. Often gloves are made from leather, but there are some made from sturdy plastic. The padding minimizes injury to both the hands of the striker and the opponent. In addition to gloves, wrist wraps are often used to provide additional protection against injury. To drain sweat, small holes are located on the glove. In open gloves, the padding goes up above the knuckles and the fingers are free. Open varieties are usually used in other sports such as martial arts rather than boxing. Boxing glove weight is measured in ounces and one ounce is roughly 28.35 grams. Gloves are divided into 6oz to 18oz categories.

Which Boxing Gloves?

Training and Competition

For beginners, heavy boxing gloves should be avoided, because they require significant technical training. Basically, heavier gloves are preferred with advanced training because the training effects and power are then greater. Up to 16-ounce gloves are used in training, and in competition lighter options are used, so that strikes are more precise, faster and harder. Lighter gloves should also be used every now and again in training because heavier models have a larger guard coverage. In competition, the larger guard coverage won't be there.

Amateur & Professional Fights

Although amateur and professional competitions follow totally different rules, 10 oz boxing gloves are used in both. The less the weight, the less the padding included and hence the greater the impact effect. This also applies to women's boxing, because 10 oz weight is low enough that women can easily train and fight with it.


Legal regulations allow children to participate in boxing training from the age of 10. Usually gloves with 6 oz or 8 oz are used. From twelve years onwards, youngsters may also participate in ring competitions. Like the others, 10-oz gloves are used in competition.

Boxing Bag Training

Special gloves are used for training with a boxing bag. Gloves for boxing bags or martial arts training are marked as such with dealers and care should be taken when choosing because other requirements need to be met when training against a bag as opposed to boxing. Typically, boxing gloves wear out quickly when used on punching bags and some strikes pose risk of injury. Gloves for boxing bags or for martial arts often leave the thumb free so that the fighter can attach the gloves alone whereas in boxing assistance is required to lace up and/or close the velcro.

Which Boxing Glove to buy?

When selecting a pair of gloves quality is clearly tantamount. Not surprisingly, high quality products come at a higher price. But for those wishing to really dedicate themselves to the sport of boxing, being optimally equipped effects success. Prudence is advised when considering low-cost options mainly because poorly produced gloves can lead not only to problems in training but also combat violations in competitions, which in the end means nothing has been saved.


Everlast is a name synonymous with boxing. It has developed into the leading brand in the development and manufacture of products in boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness sports. Whether in training or competition, countless athletes choose Everlast products. Everlast has represented professional athletes and world champions for generations from heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and middleweight legend Sugar Ray Robinson to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Bones Jones, 6- time UFC Champion Randy Couture and WEC / UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson.


Everlast offers a wide range of boxing and MMA gloves for all types of training, whether at the heavybag, for punch training, sparring or in competition. Everlast also provides equipment such as punching bags of any shape, mitts, bandages and mouthguards. For the gym, Everlast has skipping ropes, fitness gloves, balls and more. Their offering includes leisurewear shirts, hoodies, pants, and jackets. Everlast accessories such as timers, water bottles and workout bags round off the range.


With the invention of countless technologies and new products Everlast is instrumental in the development of boxing. With patents as "EverGel" which protects the hands and wrists, "Evercool" which regulates body temperature, "EverDRI" which displaces humidity and "EverFRESH" which protects against bacteria Everlasts aim is to protect fighters in every way possible.


Everlast was founded by Jacob Golomb in 1910 on the idea of creating durable products with quality and acquired knowledge. Everlast came to own boxing in 1917 when the then young boxer Jack Dempsey, who was looking for head protection after enduring more than 15 intense workouts. Two years later, in 1919 Jack Dempsey won the Heavyweight World Championship with boxing gloves made by Golomb exclusively for him. Thus Everlast celebrated its breakthrough and went on its way to becoming the most recognized brand of boxing equipment in the world.
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